Each time you hear the Ding, Ding, Ding… that is a separate virus 

Security is no joke when it comes to protecting your website, the following video is a perfect demonstration. Hackers, good hackers leave multiple backdoors into a program so that id you find one door and close it, they can still sneak back in to control your site and or your server.

RBA Marketing & Media have been in this business for a long time, we try to cover our computers and minimize the chances of our office contracting a virus inadvertently. We had been in discussions with a potential new client who was interested in hiring us to manage theri website.  As soon as I typed their web address int the browser and hit enter, ALARMS STARTED GOING OFF!

Yes, their website was in desperate need of help, the previous agency never installed and virus protection nor security measures.  There was no original back up copy to the website, which meant that this website had to be 100% rebuilt, costing the client time and money.


ASK your Web Team, if they are backing up your website and if they are using any security measures to shield against hacks?

Virus Infected Website from RBA Marketing & Media on Vimeo.