Developing a Social Media Management Plan

Social Media never sleeps. If there is one element of Web Marketing that is commonly overlooked and treated as a hobby, it is Social Media Management. Companies will create a Facebook page, a Twitter page, a TripAdvisor account, post a few comments, build a small group of fans, and never apply the true effort that is demanded by these outlets.

You Have Just Become a Publisher
When a company considers engaging in social media marketing, it is crucial to remember that once begun, you must commit to it as a long term way of life. It is far worse to begin publishing social media content and abandon your fans than it is to never have begun at all. Fans are passionate! As you publish your content, companies will experience loving, warm comments from fans and very pointed, curt comments from displeased fans. Quite literally you have just become the publisher and editor of your own microcosmic digital news-feed.